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Safety Rules

  • 1) Do Not Attempt To Increase Your Speed By Different Sliding Positions. 

    2) Lying Face- Down Postion Is Forbidden When Sliding.

    3) You Can Not Slide Together And Succesively.

    4) Kids Under 8 Years Old Can Not Use The Slides.

     5) Height Restriction For All Slides Is 120cm.

     6) Do Not Slide In Any Other Postion Than Instructed Which Is Written On Safety Boards. 

    7) No Stopping, Spinning Or Kneeling While Descending The Slide.

    8) Swimsuits Must Be Worn On The Slides At All Times. All Other Clothing Forbidden.

    9) All Jewellery, Watches, Eyeglass, Sunglasses, Goggles Must Be Removed Before Sliding.

    10) Do Not Begin To Slide Until The Previous Person Is Out Of The Water And The Authorized Person Allow You To Begin.

    11) Guests Must Exit Catch Pool Immediately. Swimming And Diving Are Not Allowed In The Catch Pool.

    12) Any Person Suffering From Heart Condition Or Other Serious Illness, Pregant Ladies Are Not Allowed To Slide.

    13) It Is Unsafe And Prohimited To Go On Slides Under The Inluence Of Alcohol.

    14) Lifeguard Has The Authority To Resrict Rider When Unsafe/unco-operative Behavior Is Exhibited. 



    • No Diving No Jumping!
    • Do Not Wait In The Catch Pool, Please Leave The Pool Immediately.
    • Children Must Be Supervised All Time.
    • No Glassware Or Drinks In And Around The Pool.
    • In Case Of Emergency Please Contact A Member Of Staff At The Nearest Place Available To You For The Alram To Be Raised. 
    • Caution! Slippery Surface! Never Run


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